One of my favorite artists to follow lately is Genevieve Godbout. Her style is so cute and polished, and her characters have a wonderful innocence to them, much like mine. On her blog, she sometimes posts characters she’s created to show off dresses and outfits made by her friends, which I think is a great marketing idea! So that gave me the idea to look through all those cute outfits I’ve pinned to Pinterest and doodle some characters wearing my favorite threads. Here’s the first, hopefully of many.

This is not mine! If anyone knows who designed this, please let me know!

This coat was one of my first Pinterest pins. It was so beautiful, I knew I would have to do something artistic with it one day, so instead of posting it to a board like “My Favorite Outfits,” it went on my “Art References” board. And I’ve finally gotten around to drawing a character wearing this beautiful coat. I’ve called her Audrey as this piece is so reminiscent of the style and grace of Miss Audrey Hepburn.

“Audrey” by Natalie Grace, June 2012

I really like her style! Now if only I could make enough money with my artwork to buy myself a coat like that… ;o) I’ll get right on it.


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