Grumpy Sketch

Yesterday was a blast! I love going to the Disney parks with my closest friends. Noah’s mom was so gracious to let us in with some of her precious last free tickets before she moves on from under Disney’s employment umbrella. So Crystal, Andrew, Liz, Sarah, Noah and I wandered through Hollywood Studios, laughing all the way. After some lunch, Noah reminded me that the girls should head back to the Art of Animation area to take the drawing class while he and Andrew took some time flying with the Rebel Alliance. I giddily led the ladies all the way across the park, and we waited for the doors to magically open and let us in for the next class. Once we were seated, our instructor began with a roll-call to see who had taken one of their classes before and which token characters had already been done. The untouched characters were narrowed down to Minnie Mouse, Grumpy and Phineas & Ferb. Grumpy won out, and this was my result:


The instructor did a really great job leading us. I love learning from people who clearly know the “bones” of these characters and how to draw them inside and out. As a kid, I never knew about starting characters from a circle and a couple cross-lines. Unfortunately, I often still don’t do all of that planning work, so I end up making the head too big or things are off-center. But I want to get this down. I’ll keep trying.

Inside the Art of Disney store just beyond the classroom, there was a panel of about 4 or 5 Disney-tagged ladies seated at a table. They asked to see our sketches and, of course in my mind, I envisioned proudly showing off my lines and having one of them say, “We ought to hire her! Hey, would you like to work here?” and I’d be whisked away to become a Disney animator. But alas, I shyly half-held mine up, trying not to seem proud or overshadow the others’ work. The ladies still seemed fairly impressed, but we just thanked them for their interest and headed out the door for our next adventure. *sigh* I guess I’ll just have to work hard and keep praying for God’s lead. And maybe someday… this dream that I wish will come true. šŸ™‚


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