“Dress Me Up” Series

I freaking LOVE Pinterest. Is it an obsession? Yes. Pretty much every evening when I finally plop myself down on the couch, my first instinct is to grab my iPad, flip open the cover, turn it on, and scroll my way over to the Pinterest icon as quickly as possible. I just love seeing what my friends have posted, finding color schemes for my dream house, laughing at those ridiculously true memes, and seeing what new sugary treat I can pin and try on that holiday 5 months from now. But art-wise, one of my biggest accomplishments thanks to Pinterest has been these “Dress Me Up” pieces. Whenever I find an outfit I really like, I’ll pin it and draw it. Okay, so in reality, I’ve only done three so far, but I really want to keep this up. It’s a great way to learn body shape and composition and honestly just draw something pretty.

Here’s the first finished one, and I love it. Hope you do, too.


“Dress Me Up: Skinny Jeans” by Natalie Grace, July 2012

Oh, and thanks to refinedstyle.tumblr.com. I don’t think the pic I worked off of is actually theirs, but this is the website the pin links back to. I think that’s good enough. ;o)


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