“WASIA Inspired”

The ladies at WASIALife have truly just begun to inspire me. This post explains the meaning of WASIA, and I absolutely love it. It’s making me think long and hard about my mission statement and what I (or really, what God) want(s) Grace Line Arts to be. I would love to visit their store sometime, but Decatur, GA is a good drive from here, so we’ll just have to plan an Atlanta vacation!

Their jewelry is absolutely beautiful, so while we were in New Orleans, I used one of their pics as inspiration for this piece. This necklace is called Poppy Love. The real detail is hard to capture, but you can see it here. I believe the lady I tried to capture here is Lenore, the “L” of J&L Simon, the designers. *If I’m wrong, please correct!*

“WASIA Inspired” by Natalie Grace, August 2012

I planned to polish this up with borders and such, but my husband really liked the look of the spiraling, so I thought I’d leave it, at least for now. Thank you, WASIALife!


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