“Stuff Mart”

I can’t believe it’s been about a month since my last post! Clearly I need to get back on the artistic wagon. Unfortunately, my creative musings have been drawn elsewhere lately as you’ll find in this post…

I just had my birthday a couple weeks ago, and I knew that the generosity of my family would leave me with a few bucks burning holes in my pockets (as my Grampa would say). So I started daydreaming about what to spend the money on, of course even before it was in hand. I’ve really been wanting to upgrade our living room furniture and accents. My husband and I got married a little over two years ago and almost all of our furnishings are still either from that Swedish Warehouse (you know the one) or pieces we picked up here and there as hand-me-downs that are way more appropriate for a dorm than a family home.

When I start thinking about color schemes and patterns and textures, I have a really hard time getting my brain to stop. Anyone else have that problem? I seriously go to bed still thinking about which rug would match my dream furnishings the best and have to pray that the LORD will make my mind shut up about it already cuz I have to be to work at 3:30 in the morning and I NEED my sleep!

Due to all of this obsession, I started doodling and this is what came out:

"Stuff Mart" by Natalie Grace, August 2012

“Stuff Mart” by Natalie Grace, August 2012

Thankfully I don’t really shop like this, going and picking up 50 pieces at once. I’m really a saver and a thrifty girl. I love to look for ages upon ages to find the right piece at the right price. But again, that just drives my mind crazy sometimes.

So hopefully as time rolls on, my brain will start to come back to my art rather than what color our walls should be, and I’ll start posting more frequently again.

Lord, grant me the grace to like what I have rather than having everything I like…



One thought on ““Stuff Mart”

  1. This is totally awesome Natalie – you have your own signature style that could open itself up to becoming collectible art!!!!!! I love it 🙂


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