I was Pinteresting again yesterday (as I do everyday) when I came across an illustration of “The Princess and the Pea.” My mind was instantly flown away to memories of the spring of 2007. Our Spring Musical in college was Once Upon a Mattress, and I had the joy of playing the evil Queen Aggravain (my first and only villainous role). That time is probably one of my favorites of my life so far, so I truly enjoy reminiscing about it!

Elly Roseberry, the young lady who played Winnifred, did such a fantastic job, it made me laugh as I remembered some of her finest scenes. Perhaps my favorite of all was when she was trying to get situated on top of the “twenty mattresses” and just couldn’t get comfortable. Of course, this sparked a creative moment, and here’s the result:

"Bedraggled" by Natalie Grace, September 2012

“Bedraggled” by Natalie Grace, September 2012

Elly actually did this at one point as she flopped around and just stuck her butt straight up in the air. It always got a huge laugh. I think with a little more work and finesse, this could probably be a pretty good poster for someone doing the show (wink, wink!). I wish I could have fit all 20 mattresses in there, but the paper ran out… ;o)




One thought on ““(Bed)raggled”

  1. Natalie!! Such an awesome surprise to hear about your blog! LOVE this design it’s so apropos especially the look on her face. One of the funniest posters I’ve seen yet to use for the musical! Sooo many memories flooded back as you talked about that fantastic show. Thanks for the shout out, excited to read your blogs and see you doing well!:-)

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