“Sing the Blues”

Hey, all! I didn’t want to go too long without posting anything, but I’m working on a pretty large and time-consuming project right now. I don’t want to post any of it ’til it’s done, and it is going to take me through December, so I’ll try to still put up some doodles and such here and there.

I figured this would be the perfect time to post my drawing of Meschiya Lake that I talked about in the Spotted Cat post. She and her “Little Big Horns” band are pure magic, and one of the major reasons that I would return to New Orleans. Her style is so cool. She has tattoos and piercings and looks sorta punk, but her music and dress harken back to the Big Band swing eras, making her performance that much sweeter. Apparently her back-story is quite a trip, too. Please look her up. I’m sure you’ll find her as fascinating as I did!

"Sing the Blues" by Natalie Grace, August 2012

“Sing the Blues” by Natalie Grace, August 2012




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