A Rainbow at the End of the Road

I’ve been having a downer of a day…

I thought going shopping would ease the stresses of the week and be a time of pure enjoyment. It was… until I took some pants to the dressing room and realized I have now come into a realm of sizes that I never dreamed I would need.

I wanted to get some errands run and was stopped at almost every turn. I still don’t have my to-do list finished.

I came home to dishes everywhere, a smelly washing machine, piles of laundry to be folded, a dirty bathroom, and more.

I just sat to rest and put on Pandora when Vince Guaraldi’s ‘Linus and Lucy’ popped on. Gosh, I don’t think there’s a face in the world that could frown when that tune hits the ear! I think that goes for the whole of the Peanuts experience. There’s something that warms my heart when I see that Charlie Brown and the gang are on TV. It makes me wonder if Chuck Schulz made that a priority of his work or if he ever knew that his characters had that effect on a heart.

Either way, I’ve decided here and now that my characters and my art will always be intended to have that ‘Peanuts Effect’. My characters might deal with some of the less beautiful realities of life like Charlie Brown did, but there should always be a rainbow at the end of the road, reminding us that God is good and, thankfully, that means Life is, too.

Thanks, Chuck. You were no blockhead.

My day is much better now…


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