“Garden in the Shade” – Beatles Inspired

"Garden in the Shade" by Natalie Grace, Nov. 2012

“Garden in the Shade” by Natalie Grace, Nov. 2012 ©

I’m so excited! I’ve finally finished my Christmas project, but I can’t share it all just yet. They’ll come in time. Until then, I’m excited to share this, too! I started drawing “Garden in the Shade” earlier this year, but I finally decided I need to really finish her up and post her. Especially since she’s my icon for the GLA Facebook page. There are more Beatles inspired drawings I need to polish and color. I’ll try to get to those soon. Hope you like it!


4 thoughts on ““Garden in the Shade” – Beatles Inspired

    • Ha ha. I am so low-budget, it’s ridiculous. Here’s my process: doodle in pen on whatever paper is nearby, maybe take a minute to darken the lines with a Sharpie, scan it into the computer in high-contrast Black and White, then use GIMP2 (free editing software) to touch it up and color it in. I have major insecurities about the lack of technical know-how I have for getting my art up to speed with the rest of the world, but I guess as long as people like my work, it doesn’t really matter how it happens! ;o) Thank you so much for your kind words! Would you mind if I use some of your photography as inspiration for a future collection?

      • Are you serious??!! God knows what miracles will show up if someone gifts you a Wacom pen-tablet and Illustrator (or Photoshop). I salute you! You’re really awesome!!

        All my works are Creative Commons Non-Commercial. Feel free to use them (And, in case you need them in high-resolution, just go to the Gallery and download them!). Spread the love and happiness 🙂


      • Thank you so much! Perhaps I will try for a Wacom someday… 🙂 I’ll be sure to let you know and link to your work if I do get around to making something inspired by your photography. Blessings!

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