“Dead of Night” – Beatles Inspired

"Dead of Night" by Natalie Grace, Dec. 2012

“Dead of Night” by Natalie Grace, Dec. 2012 ©

Here’s number 3! I’m loving this challenge. I want each piece to have it’s own beauty, but definitely want to try to make them look like a collection. Hopefully I’m succeeding so far. I’m not sure if I like the raggedness of this – all the white peeking through from my simplistic scanning methods – but I think it works for now. Maybe if I try to sell, I’ll clean it up then.

If you have a favorite Beatles song you haven’t seen yet, but you’d like to, please comment and I’ll see what I can do. I still have another 3 left to finish from the doodles I’ve done, but I’d love to do more…


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