“A Splendid Time” – Beatles Inspired

"A Splendid Time" by Natalie Grace, Dec. 2012

“A Splendid Time” by Natalie Grace, Dec. 2012 ©

And part 4. I had a really hard time with the colors on this one. There were so many pieces to keep distinct, I just couldn’t find the right combination. But when I added the border and finally thought about clouds, I think the finished product is just what I wanted. Thank goodness.

Looking up these songs on Wikipedia is so interesting! Check here for the real story on this song. What I picture in my mind’s eye while listening is clearly not what the inspiration was. But I like all versions. Even Julie Taymor’s take in Across the Universe. Probably the closest I’ll ever come to feeling like I’m on drugs… besides the laughing gas I had when my teeth were taken out.


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