Disney Commish Reworked

I love a “client” (I don’t like that term, but I guess that’s really what she is) who knows what he/she wants. Sometimes it’s frustrating because that means if I work Take 1 of a drawing too much, I have to completely reprint and start again. Case in point, this Disney commish. First time around, I tried for color and colored them all. But she wants the unfinished, linear look of a sketch. So I went back to FedEx, reprinted my outlines, and tried again. I wondered if she’d like a black outline to make the characters really stand out. Thankfully I only did it on one of the outlines, cuz we both agreed it took away from the sketchiness. So I finally came back to them again to do everything in blue colored pencil. Even after the frustration of having to reprint, it’s ended up being a great challenge for me, and I love it.  I’m hoping these work for her a little better. All I can think to add is some shading, but I think this is more up her alley. What do you think? Would you do something different?


2 thoughts on “Disney Commish Reworked

  1. Every time people visit Will, they remark at the wonderful art! Our neighbor said he thinks they’re absolutely spot on and couldn’t be any better. It’s one of the first things I point out to people when they visit and want a tour of the house. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Liz, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know these are being appreciated. I want my work to always be that little something extra that brings a big smile, and I hope that continues for you for years to come. God bless you guys and little Will!

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