“Stirring Up The Dirt” – Beatles Inspired

I’m trying to keep these coming. While I was drawing this one, I was thinking I should post a disclaimer. I don’t claim to draw any of these with any underlying meaning other than a simple visual interpretation of the original Beatles lyrics. Especially with this one, I’m sure it could have connotations for many people, but I’m ironically not trying to “stir up the dirt.” I just want to draw! So feel free to interpret, share, and ponder, but realize that the only message I will try to portray in my art unless written otherwise is the beauty of the Gospel. Plain and simple. I’ll leave the rest to the musicians. 😉

"Stirring Up The Dirt" by Natalie Grace, Dec. 2012 ©

“Stirring Up The Dirt” by Natalie Grace, Dec. 2012 ©


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