“Only a Scratch” – Beatles Inspired

I really like this one. I had a totally different look in my head when I started, but this is what came out. ;o) Ha ha. I like it when my pencil takes over and doesn’t disappoint me. I always loved the feel of this song, but I didn’t really know all the words until I looked them up for this drawing. All I could remember was that someone walked in, “schminking” of gin. Yes, “schminking”. On one of the recordings, I think Paul tried to say “smelling” and “stinking” at the same time. I love that they decided to leave that in, cuz it’s caused my Dad and me lots of laughter through the years. So thanks, guys. Thanks for not having to be perfectionists…

"Only a Scratch" by Natalie Grace, Dec. 2012 ©

“Only a Scratch” by Natalie Grace, Dec. 2012 ©


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