“The Floras”

These two ladies are the other major project I’ve been working on:

I’m still debating on names and titles, but I had this inspiration to take the “chicas” I always draw and try to make them into pieces I could actually see myself selling at an art show. I’m trying to get brighter colors into my work, too, and I think these colors would really pop off the walls of an art tent! Someday I’d love to have a tent FULL of works like this, but I gotta start somewhere.

I also thought it would be fun to try using some color theory here. If you hadn’t noticed, their hair and flowers are complementary colors. Blue and Orange. Red and Green. I’d love to make a third of these with Purple and Yellow, but I just haven’t gotten to her yet… Perhaps you’ll see her soon!

Here’s another gallery taking you step-by-step through my process with… we’ll call her “Red” for now:

I’m also hoping these could potentially be alternative characters for parents who want something different than the Disney Princesses for their girls’ rooms. Nothing against Disney! You all know how I feel. But I’d love to write Bible verses around the borders and create a brand for them, something along the lines of “Girls of Grace.” They won’t only be pretty to look at, but they’ll stand for something more, reminding girls that beauty comes from within, and we are God’s Princesses. Who knows? Maybe if I keep dreaming big, Lifeway stores will pick ’em up! That would be SO sweet!

Anyway, my greatest joy for now is to share these with you, my sweet readers, and hear your feedback. Please share your thoughts!


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