Smile, Starfish, Smile!

"Smile, Starfish, Smile!"

“Smile, Starfish, Smile!”

Trying to figure out what theme to choose for the guest bath, I mulled over quite a few options. Just bright colors without a distinct theme? Disney? Animals? Nautical? So far, it’s actually just turned out to be colors sans theme, but it at least got my creative juices flowing for what I would do if I were to go nautical or beachy. Living in Florida, there are tons of awesome little shops that sell pieces like this, too, so I decided to start a collection of sea creatures.

So far, it’s just this little guy, but I really hope I’ll keep running with these. Hopefully soon I’ll have a collection to take to shops when we go beaching and try to sell them off. I think he’s a cute start anyway. 😉

I should be taking him to the printer’s soon, so if you’re interested in purchasing him, keep an eye out on the website for when prints become available. I’ll try to post an update about it, too.

Keep smilin’!




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