“Owl Always Watch Over You”

I really thought I had posted something about these owls. I’m sure I put a rough pic of them somewhere. But it doesn’t matter. I finally got the finished work back from shop after they scanned it and made some prints for me. I’ve been so giddy to share this one with you! So, without further ado: the owls –

"Owl Always Watch Over You" Original Painting

“Owl Always Watch Over You”

"Owl Always Watch Over You" Close Up

“Owl Always Watch Over You” Close Up

The hardest part for me is always the background. I come up with these great characters that I love, but I can’t just color them and glue them to a white canvas. For the longest time, I planned to patchwork some scrapbooking paper for the background, but I couldn’t settle on a pattern I really liked or how exactly to pull it off. I also really wanted to put them in a tree-like setting, but I wasn’t sure how. So after weeks of letting the owls sit, colored and ready to be cut out of my sketchpad, I finally got the nerve to work on it. I started by doing some grassy, leafy-looking strokes with various greens and blues over the whole canvas, and then the leaves and branch organically fit on top of that, and I loved it!

So the final product has inked linework with pastels on Canson mix media paper for the owls, craft acrylics on the background, and cut out scrap book paper for the leaves and branches. It’s a lot, but I love being able to mix all those medias just right to make something pop.

Hope you enjoy them! I’ll put them up on my website soon, but at any time, if you’d like a print (any size), please email me! Thanks!


Natalie Grace



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