“I Samuel 1:27”

Yes, it’s true. My husband and I are about to have a little bundle of joy to fawn over. And I find it funny that  all of my latest mother/baby projects were started months before we even found out. I guess God wanted to prepare me for His plan in His own way.  ;o)

Again, I finished this drawing of a mother and child last October-November for a Christmas calendar. It became the picture for May (Mother’s Day), inspired by my cousins who had just had a little boy. But just today, the picture popped back in my mind and seemed to be part of a perfect new project. I’ve seen a lot of Pinterest pins with this verse lately and thought I’d try to incorporate it into one of my own works.

"I Samuel 1:27"

“I Samuel 1:27”

I really like the sepia look. It gives it a timeless quality. What do you think?

Truly blessed,

Natalie Grace


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