Using Art to Cover Precious Little Buns

I just HAVE to share this exciting development with you all! I promise I won’t use this blog to plug products often, but when something this good and uplifting comes along, it must be shared. As I’ve mentioned, my husband and I are expecting our first little bundle of giggling joy very soon. Being the researcher I am, I’ve been doing lots of investigations on all things baby, including the great diapering debates: disposable or cloth? Thankfully, both my husband and I are very middle-of-the-road people. On pretty much every issue, I can see the pros and cons to either side and don’t feel that anyone has the right to tell another person what they have to do with their kid in order to be a good parent. It’s ridiculous how angry, self-righteous, and judgmental anyone can get about parenting methods (even if they’ve never been a parent!)… but I digress. The short of it is that diapering-wise, we’ve chosen to do a little of both.

In my search for the best cloth diaper brands, I came across a boat-load of information. It’s overwhelming how many brands are out there and even more confusing trying to figure out if you should buy microfiber, hemp, bamboo. I mean, there are cloth diaper glossaries out there because the process truly has its own language. But in the midst of trying to sift through all the info, I discovered a product and a mission that I can totally get behind.

Enter The Little Bee Co. Just one visit to their website and I was hooked. Not only do they make cloth diapers, which are obviously environmentally friendly, but here’s the kicker: for EVERY diaper I buy from them, a second diaper is shipped to an orphan in need. They’ve partnered with orphanages all over the world, and once they get enough orders to provide a diaper for each orphan within a given orphanage, they do a “diaper drop” for those precious children.

So here’s where I got even more stoked about all of this. After finishing “Rocky Boy” and turning him over to my friend who had commissioned him, I realized I never really set a price for the painting. Really, I am an artist and not a businesswoman. I told her I’d lower the price for her since I handled the situation poorly and she was a good friend and all, but she replied and said she’d actually been expecting to pay about twice as much, the original price I had wanted for him. So I came up with what I think was a pretty sweet solution. If she was willing to pay the full amount she offered, I would promise to devote all of that money to getting the Little Bee Co. diapers I had been looking to buy. That way, she knew that her money was going to not only cover my precious bambino’s buns, but she would also be using her money to cover precious little buns around the world! I don’t think it gets better than that. She was thrilled with the idea, and that plan is just what happened.

The Little Bee Co. Package

The Little Bee Co. Package

After receiving her check, I put in my order. I just received my package of The Little Bee Co. diapers today, and I was SO thrilled to open the box!

The Little Bee Co. Diapers

The Little Bee Co. Diapers

These things are dang cute. Not only are the colors really pretty, but each color is selected to represent a group of needy orphans around the world. Check out this page of their website that describes the significance of each one. How cool is that?

All in all, I’m really excited to have been able to use the money for my art in this way, and I want to keep finding ways to do this. Of course, I can’t just keep buying diapers with everything I make. One kid can only make so much mess. 😉 But this is definitely an awesome start. If anyone has other ideas of companies that I could partner with like this one, please leave me a reply and let me know!

Thoroughly pleased, delighted, and blessed,

Natalie Grace


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