“Adventure II”

Maybe it’s a weird way to get work, but I’m actually excited about a new venue for my art. A couple weeks ago I went to my midwife for a postpartum check-up. As I waited for her to come in, I was noticing some of the beautiful art on the walls and then noticed that one large wall was completely bare. I could fill that, I thought to myself. I love doing art work for children, and most if not all of the women sitting in a room like that have children or are just about to give birth to precious new ones. At the end of my appointment, I asked my midwife if they ever took artwork from patients. Her face lit up! She told me that she would be moving down the hall to her own offices soon and didn’t have any art yet for her walls and would be thrilled to have some of my work there. So my brain immediately started going through the art that I’ve produced so far to figure out what I could take to her.

My first thought took me back to Christmas. You might remember my post about a Tigger and Pooh painting I did for my nephew. As a rule, I try not to ever do the same work twice. I get bored really easily. ;o) But this one was pretty easy to pull off and I had so much fun doing it the first time around, I figured I could just try some different colors and challenge myself to try to make it better. Here are the results:

So here’s a side-by-side of the first piece and the second:

Which is your favorite?

-Natalie Grace


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