“Belle & Beast” are Complete!

Finally! They’re done!

I have to say one of my absolute favorite parts of doing art is the reveal. When we dropped this piece off to Ashley, Belle and Beast’s owner, she was ecstatic. I never really know what to expect from a customer, but maybe it’s because I’m so critical of my work that any kind of excited reaction brings me immense joy. I love knowing that something I’ve spent so much time on and poured my heart into is just what the customer wanted and maybe even greater than they had envisioned.

So here’s a slideshow of the entire process:

(If you missed a couple  because you were reading, hover  over the show and hit the back arrow to start with the white outline!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here is the final piece by itself:

Thanks for the commish, Ashley! This was so much fun.

Aaaaaaaaand on to the next project,

Natalie Grace


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