My New Best Friend, the Wacom Tablet

I got a new toy yesterday. 🙂 Actually, two, to be precise. For years, I’ve heard about Wacom drawing tablets, but I always assumed the learning curve would be huge, and I didn’t want to put too much time into trying to grasp it. With a tablet like Wacom’s Intuos, you draw on the blank tablet which sends your movements to the computer monitor, so your hand is out of your sight-line or barely in your peripheral vision. To me, that sounded nearly impossible to get used to. My next project is illustration-heavy though, so I started doing tons of research into drawing tablets. I thought a tablet that lets you draw right onto it would be awesome, but Wacom’s Cintiqs are stupidly expensive and the off-brand Yiynova was still a little high for my taste at $600+. So I checked out Craigslist for Wacom Intuos tablets. I figured I might be able to at least try one out through a personal seller and see if it might work for me. I got in touch with a seller who had a small and medium Intuos4 for $200. Now we were talkin’! He was gracious enough to let me meet up and try them, too. And as soon as I put the pen in my hand and started sketching, I fell in love. 🙂 No learning curve here! Here’s a pic of the first sketch I did once I got them home:


First Wacom Drawing Ever

Since then, I’ve been playing around with drawings for this next project, but I can’t post them just yet as it’s a surprise! Instead, for now I’ll share a pic my friend Liz sent me of “Rocky Boy” on her wall:

"Rocky Boy" On the Wall

“Rocky Boy” On the Wall

I love seeing my art in its final place. It makes me feel more like a real artist when it’s up on someone else’s wall.

Wacom’s newest convert,

Natalie Grace


3 thoughts on “My New Best Friend, the Wacom Tablet

    • You know, I’m surprised I’m actually loving sketching with this thing! I still have a lot to learn when it comes to placing and sizing and getting anatomy just right, so being able to erase with ease is a major plus for me. For instance, I did a drawing of a dog pulling away from his master yesterday and it took me about 6 different tries to get a body position that I liked. If I was drawing that on paper, it would have been SO wrecked! But if you’ve got all of that down to a science, props to you! ;o) I love your color work, by the way. Very cool and eye-catching!

  1. Glad this is working out so well for you! I sometimes draw something on paper, then put another piece of paper over it on a light table, and redraw the part I don’t like, then cut out the new part and paste it over the first drawing. Orrrrrrrrr I scan both drawings and put them together in photoshop. Sometimes on my cartoons, I do it like you are. I guess I am all over the place-ha ha!
    Thank you very much for following my blog! I enjoy your work and will be back to check out more when time permits! 🙂

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