The First of Many “Webby Wednesdays”

Hey, all. I’m going to be transparent here because I’m all about sharing insight. I’ve been learning a lot about promoting a blog lately, and apparently one of the best steps to take towards gaining and keeping a following is being regular with your posts. So my goal is to post updates on my art every Monday and a fun web link every Wednesday. Most links will probably refer to something art-related, like the blogs of artists I admire, or maybe something I saw on’s Facebook feed since I’m a word-snob. To kick it off, I’m doubling up.

We’ll start with my favorite video of the moment, Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”. If you haven’t seen this yet and you have any slight case of GrammarNazi-ism, you’ve got to see this.

So, now that you’ve had a good chortle, let’s bring it back down so your colleagues quit eying you for laughing so loud. Be aware, though. If your soul is like mine, they might start eying you because you’re tearing up from being transported back to your childhood.

Beautiful, huh? Well, you should probably grab a tissue and get back to work now, but I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s installment of “Webby Wednesdays”. See ya Monday!

Trying to stay regular,

Natalie Grace


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