“Webby Wednesdays” – Beauty and the Beast on 20/20

Most Webby Wednesdays, since this is an artist’s website, will contain media involving art. This week, it’s all about my favorite Disney masterpiece, Beauty and the Beast.

I love BatB not just because it’s a great work of art, but because of the intriguing story behind the production. For years, Disney played with the idea of using this tale, but they just couldn’t get it to meet Walt’s standards. For instance, check out this story-boarding that only lightly resembles the finished work we know now:

Purdum’s storyboards were only created a year or two out from the final story, but almost everything was reworked to create the best story possible. To see how they achieved greatness, you have to check out this 20/20 episode that aired a week before BatB‘s theatrical release (in 3 parts):

Amazing, huh? I love seeing all the hard work and story telling that goes into classics like this to be reminded that it didn’t “just happen.” Extremely talented people like Glen Keane (who you’ll no doubt be seeing featured again during Webby Wednesdays) pour out their hearts and souls on paper to make iconic characters like the Beast touch the audience so deeply that we might even be brought to tears if something should happen to them.

These kinds of animators inspired me to do what I do, and I can’t thank Disney enough for introducing and drawing me into the world of art.

Feeling nostalgic,

Natalie Grace

Extra: For more little-known facts about BatB, check out this BuzzFeed collection!


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