Nursery Projects

I can’t believe all my illustrations for the surprise project are finished! I’m so excited to see the final product and share it all with you. Until then, I’ll revisit some old projects I haven’t blogged about yet.

First up, I wanted to archive the commissions I’ve done so far for children’s rooms. I love doing art for kids since cartoons (especially Disney characters) are my favorite things to draw.

My first mural commission ever was for a couple from our church. They had picked out the bedding set they loved for their son’s room, but wanted to add some related flair to the walls. Unfortunately they’ve since moved, so I assume these have been painted over, but I’m glad I still have pictures! I first researched the bedding set they told me about and found the owl and fox pictures you could buy to go with the set, then drew them myself and added the tree and stump. I borrowed a projector from church and projected my image onto their wall, traced it, and started painting. It was SO fun, and I’d love to try one again.

These puppy pics are a commission I did a couple years ago for my friend Crystal. She and her husband wanted to deck out their son’s nursery with puppies. She has an amazing eye for decoration (hint: she even has her own business), so she gave me great directions for what she was picturing in her mind and I happily dove into the challenge of making it come alive for her.

I’ve already done a full blog post on my commission for my friend’s son’s room here (part 1) and here (part 2), but I’ll post a couple here for the sake of revisiting them.

And finally, the paintings I did for my own daughter’s nursery. I worked on these all through my first trimester to keep myself busy. Can you tell the theme?


Minnie Mouse Nursery

Have an idea for your child’s room? 🙂

-Natalie Grace


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