“Webby Wednesdays” – The Ladies of Animation: Claire Keane

About a year ago, I stumbled upon the blogs of some of the most talented female animation artists. I’m not sure whose page I found first, but all of these ladies work, or have worked, for the Disney studios mostly as visual development artists. I was so thrilled to stumble upon these blogs, and I’m excited to share them with you! There are quite a few, so I’m going to share one at a time.

The first artist is Claire Keane (cuz she’s my favorite).

Claire Keane

Claire working on “Once Upon a Cloud” (photo by Razi Wilson Photography)

As the daughter of legendary animator Glen Keane (see, I told you I’d talk about him a lot) and granddaughter of The Family Circus illustrator Bil Keane, Claire has followed in the family footsteps and become a big name in art. Her contributions for Disney’s Tangled were integral in forming the look of Rapunzel and her world. Here’s a piece she did for the  Check out this video of Claire painting a wall at the Disney studios in her fun and whimsical style.

Claire left Disney in September of last year to focus on becoming a children’s book writer and illustrator. I’m a little nervous about the future of Disney without her, but this might be a great move for her own career. Check out her blog page to see the incredible book she’s just finished. It’s so cute!


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