“Life Is Terrible”

It’s finally finished! My big surprise project! The gift’s been given, and it’s ready to be shown off! Hooray! (Can you tell from all my exclamation points that I’m kinda excited?)

Presenting my very first illustrated book: “Life Is Terrible” by Chrissy Krizman

My friend Christi Mann wrote this book for her boyfriend, Nick, for his birthday from their dog, Chrissy. Christi sent me multiple pictures of all of them and scenes from around their house as references, and I went to town. I can’t believe the whole thing only took me about 3 weeks from start to finish. Thank the Lord for my Wacom tablets, too, or this still wouldn’t be done. 🙂 What a fun project!

I’m ready for my next challenge! Bring it on!

Super stoked,

Natalie Grace


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