“Webby Wednesdays” – The Ladies of Animation: Brittney Lee

The next Disney vis-dev artist is Brittney Lee.

Brittney Lee at 2012 Comic-Con (photo from http://www.liheliso.org)

Brittney Lee at a 2012 Comic Con (photo from http://www.liheliso.org)

Whereas Claire’s work highly influenced Tangled, I think Brittney’s work is best seen in Frozen. Just search Google images for her name and you’ll see how talented this lady truly is. She does layered paper illustrations that are just mind-blowing. I have no idea how she does it, but they look so intricate, they leave me amazed. Like this one:

Brittney Lee's crazy paper skills highlighted on StrictlyPaper.com

Brittney Lee’s paper layering skills highlighted on StrictlyPaper.com

Holy cow, right? Seriously. And if you’re in love with Frozen, she has some great blog posts about some of the developmental work she did for the film, mostly on the costumes. Very cool stuff. Check it out!


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