Throwback Thursdays: Lola Bunny

I’ve seen TBT stuff all over Facebook, but I’ve never really done anything about it. Well, if you saw my pic of my new MacBook, you also saw some OLD friends of mine – my Looney Tunes cups. They kinda suck as drinking cups, so I decided to turn them into pen, pencil and brush holders instead. I recently sat down to my computer and wanted to draw, but nothing was coming to me. Looking over at the Lola cup, I figured I’d just try to sketch out her face, and it turned into this:

Lola Bunny, circa 1996

Lola Bunny, circa 1996

I was crazy over Space Jam back in the day. I loved the Looney Tunes gang, and it was so fun to see them in their own movie. I lived for the days my dad would take me to the WB Store in Columbus so I could check out all the new toys. Anyone else remember those stores? It was really weird how the Looney Tunes and all of those stores seemed to vanish. I’m sure there’s an article about it somewhere on the internet, but I’m not sure I want that dose of adulthood reality yet.

Anyway, I’m excited to revisit some of the old cartoons I used to love, so check in later for more Throwback Thursdays!

What were some of your faves?

Gladly reliving my childhood,

Natalie Grace


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