Inadvertent Identity

Life has been busy. We’re hoping to move, raising our daughter, and trying to figure out the future. The days fly by and I realize it’s been weeks since I’ve worked on any art. Then I start binging on YouTube videos of animation reels and reading through books like The Art of ‘Up’ and Lovelyand I get back into the swing of things and remember one of my first loves…

Tonight, I just sat down at my computer, opened Krita, and started doodling. Sometimes that’s my favorite. No preconceived notions of what I need to get done, no time restraints, no limits. I started with a face like I normally do. Circle for the skull. Then the chin added on ’round the bottom. A nose at the guideline, little eyes and a mouth. Hair. I started with the shaggy bangs, but thought it might be fun to add what I figure to be little flapper curls just in front of her ears. And for some reason, I decided to keep the hair short and shaggy in the back.

This looks like V’s hair, I mused to myself. I hadn’t planned it that way, but in all actuality, this random girl ended up looking like a more mature version of my sweet baby girl. I suppose it makes sense that I’d draw the one person I see almost every moment of my day, but I love that it happened that way! My husband sitting next to me at his computer glanced over and said “I know who that is!” “Who?” I asked, since I hadn’t fully admitted to myself that it was V. “That’s V! It looks just like her. Her little curls…”

"Vienna Sketch"

“Vienna Sketch”

If V would keep her hair at this length when she grows up a little, I suspect she’d look extremely similar to this pic. Her striking blue eyes were fun to try to replicate, too. What a great ending to a doodling session! I’m pleased…

Keeping up the artistic pursuit,

Natalie Grace



One thought on “Inadvertent Identity

  1. Nat – Love this! You captured little “V” perfectly! Even the impish grin! A certain someone from above was guiding your hand on this one! LOVE IT! Love you three lots and lots!

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