Baldwin Park First Fridays Festival!

I am SO thrilled to be preparing like crazy for my first art fair! It’s this Friday night and I think I’m just about to be fully prepared. I’ll be showcasing printouts of my favorite pet portraits, art prints of works like “Garden in the Shade”, “Owl Always Watch Over You”, “Sing” and more, and be selling Christmas ornaments like these:

These have been so fun to make and practice my penmanship with! I actually got the idea from walking through the Days of Christmas shop at Downtown Disney (I know it’s “Disney Springs” now, but I will always be old school on that one). A lady was sitting at a table with a black container of DecoColor markers, penning personalizations on ornaments customers had bought from the shop. Looking at the prices, I thought Sheesh, I could do that! And so I am…

Please stop by if you’re in the Orlando area and say hello! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my booth and see if there’s anything I can create for you! Find out more at

Bringing my art to the world,

Natalie Grace


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