Wood Burning Party

Yet another commission I did was three monogrammed cutting boards for a friend.

I did a few for my family for a previous Christmas and Crystal loved the idea. I thought it would be a fun project to try again… until I got out my wood burning pen and, 3 hours later, had barely finished lettering one board! I was pushing so hard to dig into the wood that my hands were aching and I was so frustrated! That’s when I decided to do a little research on the wood burning tools available at Michael’s. I found out my tool had a very low max temperature, so it was doing half the work a new tool could. The next day, I went and grabbed a new tool, which was oddly the same price or slightly cheaper than my old tool but had a max heat of 950º. Boy, was that the right decision! I flew through the rest of them in a flash!

Lesson learned. Always use the right tools for the job or you’ll find yourself cursing your way through it.

Burnin’ it up,

Natalie Grace


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