Hipster Link

I am SO excited about this pic. I have had very few digital drawings that I have been proud of enough to keep looking at them over and over again. This next year, I’d love to really increase my digital painting skills, and I’m hoping this piece will inspire me to stay motivated.

While surfing around on Twitter, I found and followed the artist (Jerrod Maruyama) who created the “Hipster Mickey” illustration I’ve seen at the mini Wonderground Gallery at Downtown Disney Disney Springs (I’m so old school about WDW names…). I think it’s such a cute idea, so that got me thinking about which character I’d love to see as a hipster. Of course, Link came to mind pretty quickly.

I searched the internet for “Hipster Link” and found a few things that were cute or funny, but nothing like what I wanted to do, so I set forth to create the one I wanted to see. I found a pic of Wind Waker Link that I liked and looked up male hipster trends to work from…

Then I sketched out the pose in my sketch book, made my modifications…

And my Hipster Link was born!

Hipster Link

Hipster Link

He’s so cute. If I ever have a boy, I think I want him to dress up like this for Halloween every year. 🙂

What do you think of him? Would you add anything or do something different?

It’s getting better all the time,

Natalie Grace


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