Lady Sings the Blues

Tonight, I caught the beginning of a Ken Burns documentary on the history of jazz called… wait, I can’t remember… Oh, right. “Jazz”. 😊 But, seriously, it drew me in immediately. I heard the crooning of a woman singing the blues in the 1920s and I knew I’d be watching for a few hours. My heart skips a beat when I see black and white footage of drop-waist skirts, feathers, pearl necklaces, and the Charleston. Combine that with jazz riffs and big band sounds and I’m in heaven.
Because my focus is on playing with and teaching my daughter right now, my inspiration for grabbing my sketchbook and doing any artwork has been pretty low. But almost by instinct, I ran to my art desk, brought my near-empty sketchbook to the couch, and started to doodle.

It’s fun when something inspires me so intensely. Hopefully I’ll clean up this doodle soon and make it into a fun print or something.

Keep the muses comin’.

Natalie Grace


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