“Lovely Lola”

Yet another pet portrait is finished! Brianne, the owner of the “Tres Perros” pups, commissioned me to do a portrait of her mother’s sweet pooch for Mother’s Day. What a great idea (wink wink)!

She sent quite a few great pics of Lola, and I thought I had one picked out until I edited them to black and white in the computer. There was a different picture that definitely stood out.

I loved the black and white pic so much with all the detail of the short hair and all, I really just wanted to print it out on some high-quality paper and send it as-is… but that wasn’t what Brianne was paying me for. 🙂 She asked for an 8×10 charcoal drawing, and that’s what she was gonna get!

So I started in.

And here’s the final signed work (shot at an angle because the Workable Fixatif created a nasty glare!):


I’m pretty pleased with this one, AND another order has just arrived, so… heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s back to work I go!

Loving that the fun never ends,

Natalie Grace



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