You’ll NEVER guess what one mom used to clean this doll’s face!

After three long weeks of traveling in the car, Natalie Lein’s three year old daughter was melting down into a snotty, wet, angry mess. Natalie’s patience was running thin as well, so she dug a Ziplock filled with crayons and markers out of a book bag and handed them to her little one, not predicting the mess that would follow.

Exhibit 1-A: Rapunzel (Marked)

When they finally arrived home and saw the devastation, Natalie kicked into go-mode. Rapunzel had to be saved. Hadn’t she had a hard enough life already? Natalie started researching, scouring the internet for anything that could scour the seemingly indelible marks off of her daughter’s prized possession without removing her eyes or hair. After searching for three hours to no avail, she decided to put her background in chemical engineering to work. The compound she created can only be described as remarkable.

Exhibit 1-B: Rapunzel (Cleaned)

As you can see, Rapunzel’s face was practically as clean as the day she was popped together in the Chinese doll factory. What could possibly be so magical?

The compound is called H2O, and its properties are perfect for removing superficial marks and flaws from nearly every kind of surface. And when combined with ordinary dish soap, it is indeed the most important cleaning tool in any mother’s arsenal.

Natalie believes this new product is so important for cleaning that she’s begun marketing the compound as Natalie’s Magic Elixir, now available for purchase on Amazon and at your local Walmart.


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