What, Who, & Why

What is GLA?

The mission of Grace Line Arts is to produce quality artwork that evokes a feeling of joy and child-like wonder. GLA specializes in producing children’s art, pet portraits, and illustration for various projects.

Who is GLA?

Natalie Grace Lein has been an artist since she could hold a pen. An only child, Natalie was compelled to create her own fun and found herself elated whenever a blank piece of paper came into her grasp. The worlds and friends of her imagination filled pages and pages, most of which are kept in a suitcase nearby lest she lose her inspiration to the boring and mundane. She now wishes to share those joy-filled images with the world to continue to spread creativity and love to those she adores, both near and far.

Why Buy From GLA?

  • Affordable – Art can get really expensive, especially when it’s custom-made, but GLA strives to make quality artwork available to everyone. If the set price-points don’t meet your budget, don’t worry! By modifying the medium, canvas size and/or type, almost any budget can be satisfied.
  • Personal and Unique – GLA is all about you and your imagination! Bring your child’s favorite animal, your loved one’s precious pet, or your written story to the table and GLA will put it on canvas or illustrate it! Also, each and every piece from GLA is signed by hand by the artist. Not to mention, Natalie has an aversion to doing the same thing twice, so you can be doubly assured your piece will be one-of-a-kind. šŸ˜‰
  • Uplifting – Natalie’s Grandmother observed that there’s always a smile in her work, even if a character is crying. All GLA pieces aim to hold to that realization. Always hopeful, ever joyful.

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