Pet Portraits

Welcome, friend! If you’ve found yourself on this page because you’re interested in a pet portrait or want to learn more, let me first say thank you! Of course, I enjoy the process of creating these pieces, but the part I love even more is hearing the amazing reactions from clients when they see the final piece or present it to a family member. A good number of the reports have involved tears of joy, which makes me tear up myself! Looking for a gift like that? Keep reading!

So what should you do next?

  1. Check out the pictures below of my finished portraits, noting that you can choose either a painted acrylic portrait or a drawn charcoal portrait. If you like what you see, move on to step 2.
  2. Click here to check out my Pricing Schedules. Everything here is based on mathematical equations to get the most fair structure, but please contact me if you have a price point in mind that doesn’t work with what you see. I would much rather do a piece for you than lose you to a number!
  3. Click here to fill out a Pet Portrait Request Form. Please fill out what you’re pretty sure you’d like, and then if you have any questions or uncertainties, let me know when I get in contact with you. I won’t start anything until I know you’re getting exactly what you want!
  4. Pick out your favorite pictures of your pet and send them to One of them will soon become a beautiful work of art you can enjoy for years to come!

"Koda" (Charcoal)

“Koda” (Charcoal)

Peanut Finished

“Peanut the Precious Pup” (Acrylic)

"Rocky Boy" (Acrylic)

“Rocky Boy” (Acrylic)

"Belle & Beast" Final

“Belle and Beast” (Acrylic)

"Tres Perros" (Acrylic)

“Tres Perros” (Acrylic)

"Emma" (Charcoal)

“Emma” (Charcoal)

"Lilly and Sadie" (Acrylic)

“Lilly and Sadie” (Acrylic)

"Cali" (Acrylic)

“Cali” (Acrylic)

"Riley" (Acrylic)

“Riley” (Acrylic)

"Bear" (Acrylic)

“Bear” (Acrylic)

"Lovely Lola" (Charcoal)

“Lovely Lola” (Charcoal)



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